Christmas Hamper Appeal

2023 Christmas Hamper Appeal

Thank you to all the wonderful people who donated cash, or cash equivalent, food, toys and personal effort to the Aspleycare Christmas Hampers – we surpassed all expectations in being able to create and deliver 270 hampers for singles, couples, families and related groups in the north Brisbane area. There were over 520 children under 16 who received a gift; sadly for some, the Aspleycare gift was their only present.  We also were able to provide a small treat for most of the adults, especially if they were on their own.  The addition of a Christmas bonbon or trinket was a bonus for many hamper recipients.  

The team who helped pull this together worked tirelessly and were able to come up with solutions for the challenges posed. Our target of $25,000 (cash and in-kind) was also surpassed, with us reaching about $32,000, but we are still finalising the donations that came in and were immediately allocated due to the increased demand for assistance. We thank our major and minor sponsors, without whom this Christmas project would not have been possible. 

Julie-Anne Mee (President, Aspleycare)