Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of your frequently asked questions.

What is Aspleycare?

Aspleycare is a Parish initiative group in Aspley, North Brisbane, that volunteers to serve their local community by responding to the needs of the people in a Christian, neighbourly and practical way.

Aspleycare assists those in our local community who require assistance irrespective of race, creed or religion.

What does Aspleycare do?

Aspleycare, through its fund-raising programs, donations and monies funded by the Federal Government, provides an Emergency Relief program that assists vulnerable people on Brisbane’s Northside.

Emergency Relief is offered to those in need and may include: Food parcels,  assistance with some bills, medical prescriptions (PBS) and referrals to other support services.

What services does Aspleycare provide?

Aspleycare provides

  • Emergency relief services
  • Help and assistance to pregnant women and mothers

How do I receive Emergency Relief assistance from Aspleycare?

You need to call Aspleycare on 07 3862 7145 to arrange an appointment. If you are in the area you can visit our centre at 479 Robinson Rd, Aspley to arrange an assessment for assistance.

What happens at the assessment?

At the assessment you will be interviewed by a trained volunteer who will assess your situation and provide assistance according to your needs and the funds currently available for distribution.

What do I need to bring to start the assessment process?

When coming to Aspleycare to start the assessment process you will need to have some form of ID, e.g. pension card, driver’s licence.

If you are requesting assistance with medical prescriptions (PBS) you will need to bring these along as well.

If you are requesting assistance with utility bills, e.g. electricity, gas you will need to bring your overdue account.

If you are requesting assistance with rent, you will need to bring a copy of your Form 11/12 eviction notice.

What other services does Aspleycare provide?

Through its Walking With Love initiative Aspleycare offers pregnant women immediate and practical help and provides support and love to women and babies.

What suburbs does Aspleycare work with?

Need help?

Contact Aspleycare on 07 3862 7145  if you need emergency relief assistance in North Brisbane. Each request for assistance is individually assessed and assistance given is based on your needs and current funds available.

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